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Your Learning Journey

Your learning Journey

Our learning journey at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is designed to achieve sustainable personal and professional development adapted to our business needs. We therefore recruit employees who are ready to embark on a long term journey, with learning at their core.

Reinvent Learning Together

Created in 1995, the URW Academy is an integral part of our DNA and shows the Group's long-standing commitment to continuous learning and talent development. Learning at URW is fully positioned as business-critical, with the URW Academy playing an ever growing role in the development of all our employees Groupwide.

A stimulating learning environment
Our role at the URW Academy is to create a stimulating learning environment which propels every employee to be the best they can be through knowledge acquisition and skill development. We ensure that state-of-the art tools and the most up to date business and soft skill trainings and resources are available to every employee.

A multi-faceted approach to learning
Our approach to learning is multi-faceted, with on-the-job trainings and targeted training paths. Our business trainings are designed and led by our top managers and internal experts internationally. This ensures that the Group’s strategies, our know-how and best practices are effectively shared across our employees. For leadership and soft skills, we rely on the best external professionals who are aligned with our Together at URW values.

A fully digitalised learning process
We believe in blended learning, choosing the formats, methods and channels that fit best with our training paths, and the learning needs and interests of our employees. We place a high value on digitalization of our employees learnings and trainings to ensure that each participant makes the most of their training experiences by learning on their own time via our numerous self-driven digital training courses or in person trainings.

  • With the launch of the Skill-up! offer in 2020, each employee has access to an extensive learning catalogue with over 4,800 new online and snackable learning modules, with courses ranging from professional skills and personal development, to management and leadership.

  • All our learning offers are accessible via a dedicated website and app to ensure that our employees can access these development resources anywhere, anytime, and on any device.