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Commercial Partnerships

Our industry-leading, integrated brand and media programme offers innovative and memorable brand experiences to help retailers engage with their customers.

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield’s position and reach gives access to an extensive network of digital and experiential platforms for brands and agencies to create more immersive experiences.

Our European team gives brands the visibility they’re looking for through multiple advertising platforms, for short-term tactical opportunities or a long-term European strategy.

Card Media


We provide a comprehensive platform for brands to complement and amplify their integrated advertising campaigns.

Key media locations across our flagship shopping centres offer both large digital outdoor & in-centre portrait options (Digital Dream™, digital totems network, screens and banners).

Traditional non-digital media sites offer quick short-term solutions for tactical brand campaigns.

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Card Retail


We offer temporary kiosks, pop-up stores and seasonal markets, opening new channels for retailers to engage with their customers.

Offering greater agility than traditional retail, these temporary one-of-a-kind retail ventures allow brands to:

  • Test the viability of their product range
  • Get their first foothold in a new geographical location, country or shopping centre
  • Launch their brand to new consumers
  • Gather insight into their market

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Card Brand-Experience


We enable brands to occupy an entire visual landscape in style. Through our unique value propositions, retailers can elevate their offer with one-of-a kind experiences and packages.

  • Experiential
    All our flagship shopping centres offer multiple brand experience locations from 18 sqm to 1,500 sqm in central, high-footfall locations to create exceptional and immersive brand events.

  • Brand Partnerships
    We offer global or regional partnerships for brands wanting a more long-term presence.

  • Event Sponsorship
    Brands can participate in our large-scale Food & Wellness, Fashion & Beauty, Summer and Christmas events

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