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Trinity has been granted the Safe & Healthy Places label!

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Our latest, and definitely most inspiring office development, Trinity Tower is fully adapted to new ways of working. With a focus on user wellbeing, including 1,500 sqm of tree-lined terraces and loggias, flexible and scalable spaces, as well as opening windows on every floor to guarantee optimum air quality, the tower is a state-of-the-art workspace built to ensure workplace wellness, taking into account the expectations of its future users.

Trinity is our first office building to be awarded the Safe & Healthy Places label

Based on the same principle as the eponymous label awarded in July to all our European shopping centres, this label carries the same criteria as the previous CHE (Cahier Hygiène Environment) audit in place since 2000 and integrates new components. The framework is intended to be upgradeable and encompasses both the regulatory requirements applicable to office buildings (labour code, public health code, environmental code, etc.) and our own Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield requirements (which go beyond the regulations). A specific hygiene grid has been added, in order to integrate the latest specifications and government guidelines in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Usually applied to assets already in operation, the label could be awarded to Trinity ahead of schedule after an audit on a documentary basis, thus certifying the implementation of procedures for the management of our equipment, maintenance and analytical plans, and initial diagnostics. The label is valid until the end of April 2021, at which time the Bureau Véritas auditor will verify the correct application of all documentary provisions.

This is further proof of Trinity's environmental excellence, as it is the first tower in France to have obtained the "High Performance" rating on all 14 criteria of the HQE certification (French label on High Environmental Quality)!