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La Part-Dieu Rooftop: the ultimate new experiential venue

#Group News

June 9, 2021, marked the final milestone in the redevelopment of our La Part-Dieu flagship in the heart of Lyon, France. The inauguration of the 30,000m2 Rooftop completes the destination’s transformation into a thoroughly modern space dedicated to culture, leisure and dining.

“The shopping centre of tomorrow is a mixed-use space connected to its environment, and is more attractive and sustainable. It is a multi-functional destination that has significant influence on the way people live, work, consume, interact and entertain themselves. We are creators of shared moments, and the La Part-Dieu project is our latest and certainly one of the most successful illustrations of this.”
Anne-Sophie Sancerre, COO Southern Europe


Under a huge Mondrian-inspired 4,000 m² glass roof, “Les Tables” offers 25 dining concepts in a space bathed in natural light. Between the exquisite Rooftop views and wide variety of food on offer, visitors will find a feast for the eyes, as well as their palates!

From successful national or international concepts such as Big Fernand (gourmet burgers) or Cooper Branch (vegetarian canteen), to some of the very first establishments in Lyon such as L'Atelier Artisan Crêpier (Breton crepes and galettes) and Panasia (Asian bistronomy) amongst others… "Les Tables" will also welcome 4 brand new concepts from local entrepreneurs: Bentomania (a pub, Japanese restaurant and bar mix), Etienne Coffee & Shop (urban coffee shop, tea room and artisanal coffee roaster mix), RoofPop (a festive place with street food, craft beers and cocktails with DJ sets) and the Ephemera, a new and ephemeral multi-sensory catering concept where guests are transported into an immersive imaginary world.

With 10 food kiosks, a bar and a large terrace spread over more than 3,000m², our very first “Food Society” in Lyon is sure to be a big hit! This unique concept unites food and entertainment, home cooking, festive events and a commitment to zero plastic.
It was created to be a real lifestyle venue and a festive place with extended opening hours until 1am that will offer events on the Rooftop, giving a voice to local stakeholders through DJ sets, workshops, live performances, exhibitions and tastings.

“Beyond a gourmet experience, the Rooftop is also intended to be Lyon's new “party place to be”, where workshops, exhibitions, live concerts and evening DJ sets will be combined. We are committed to offering our visitors an open, accessible place that brings everyone together.”
Jean-Philippe Pelou, Shopping Centre Manager of La Part-Dieu


With 7,000m2 hanging gardens to stroll through, the Rooftop will be an ideal location to take a “green” break from the city heat and enjoy the fresh breeze and stunning rooftop vistas. This urban park also helps to combat rainwater run-off and offers carefully selected vegetation to provide shaded break areas and develop biodiversity.

“An island of freshness in the heart of the mineral city, the garden and its promenade have been designed as a real urban park, with varied vegetation that changes with the seasons.”
Alexis Dubois, Director of Development Retail France


A 700m2 HAPIK indoor and outdoor climbing facility accessible to children from age 4 combines 8-metre high self-bracing climbing walls, a giant outdoor tree climbing course in the heart of the planted areas, a "first climb" section with lower walls, and a snack court with a terrace.

Also new on the Rooftop is an 18-screen UCG cinema which will open this summer. Every year, the shopping centre’s cinemas will host over 300 new films, as well as special screenings, previews, themed evenings, festivals, and debates.

The La Part-Dieu extension is one of the most successful illustrations of our role as creators of mixed-use green spaces, and multi-functional destinations that have a significant influence on the way visitors live, work, shop and interact. Lyon's iconic shopping center will be the eighth French destination to join the Westfield network, becoming "Westfield La Part-Dieu" in September 2021.

Congratulations to the teams who have made this vision a reality!

Focus on the new dining concepts at La Maquinista

Further south in Barcelona, our Spanish flagship La Maquinista officially opened its new dining experience to the public in May. The renewed offer features new, anticipated global brands and a new open-air gastronomic delight in the La CITI market and Las Terrazas dining spaces. Visitors will find all kinds of treats for their taste buds, and an inviting atmosphere to share them with friends and family.

The transformation is the largest of its kind in the Spanish retail sphere in recent years.