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Meet our people


Raphaël Heron


Senior Investment Manager, Offices, Hotels and Mixed-use Projects Europe (France)


Raphaël advises and executes on the Group’s investment and development strategy.

“2018 was a year of discovery. Through the launch of a new “mixed-use” business unit, my team’s scope was extended to include retail spaces, housing and hotels along with office development projects. This was quite a radical change, as we are dealing with a variety of markets, ways of thinking and doing business, while bringing together different products under one umbrella. Our scope is now much more international as well. We support and assist local teams on mixed-use projects such as Westfield Stratford City in the UK, Westfield Hamburg in Germany and the expansion of Fisketorvet in Denmark. I now have the opportunity to share know-how and best practices with the US & UK teams and especially learn about hotel and residential, which are new markets for me.

I manage a very diverse portfolio. This is exciting because a residential development project in Sweden will be carried out very differently from an office project in France. Yet this makes my job all the more interesting. As Senior Investment Manager, I wear many different hats, from market analysis to negotiation and commercialisation, working closely with all departments, from legal to development. I am constantly switching from one market to the other, engaging with new people, and adapting to other mindsets and processes. I keep on learning every day.”