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What will urbanism look like in the future?

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After a first report on “Sustainable Consumption” published in April 2019, our innovation team URW Lab investigated “the Future of Urbanism” for the second report created in collaboration with TrendWatching – a global consumer insight company.

At Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, we participate in shaping and improving the cities in which we are present and have a major influence on how people live, work, shop, connect and are entertained. To that end, how can we create shared spaces that can have a real impact and benefit local communities? How can we help alleviate the struggles that city dwellers face? How can we continue to create inspiring and memorable live experiences? Questions are multiple; so are solutions. This report investigates the latest trends to support and nourish our vision, and help us create the cities of tomorrow.

Did you know?

     Walmart is turning retail locations into community-focused centres
     The city of Atlanta tackles food deserts with the nation’s largest “urban food forest”
     2,188 coworking spaces were opened worldwide in 2018

Want to know more?

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