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Meet our people


Shelly Schembre


SVP Shopping Centre Management (United States)


Shelly oversees and applies the Group’s shopping centre strategy in the United States.

“For those of us involved in centre operations in the US, a key focus following the launch of Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield has been the process of aligning and integrating with our new European partners as we set common strategies for the future.

Interestingly, as the year went on, we quickly came to realise that, more than one region imposing its views on another, we actually all had an opportunity to tap into a larger menu of best practices, experiences, and areas of expertise than we ever had before. That realisation has been exhilarating.

2018 was an intense year: we had to roll the business integration process whilst making sure we gave the utmost attention to detail in our day-to-day centre management. In fact, our prioritisation of customer service has never been more pronounced than it is today, and all of our customer-facing employees - including concierge staff, brand ambassadors, centre management, valet attendants, security officers, and housekeeping personnel – are now trained in our industry-leading “Service With Style” customer service programme designed to provide our guests with the finest level of hospitality imaginable. Providing this level of service to our customers is precisely what sets our brand apart from our competitors, both physical and digital.”