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URW’s 2021 Online Report

#Group News
We’ve just released our 2021 Online Report. The past year has brought our talented teams various opportunities to showcase their agility, innovation, customer-centricity and sustainability. Visit for more details.

The microsite includes sections on our vision and strategy, 2021 Full-Year Results, our stories from last year, and Better Places 2030.

Vision and strategy

With reflections from Jean-Marie Tritant, Chief Executive Officer, and Léon Bressler, President of the Supervisory Board, a visit to the website gives those interested clear perspective on our performance in 2021 and a depiction of the Group’s future ambitions. Those who missed this year’s Investor Day will also be able to watch replay videos from our various speakers. In that section, Jean-Marie Tritant, Caroline Puechoultres, Olivier Bossard, Sylvain Montcouquiol and Fabrice Mouchel break down our path to 2024 and beyond into its various components to best explain how the plan which will strengthen the Group’s core business, generate new revenues and unlock asset value.

2021 Full-Year Results

Those interested in URW’s key figures will find all details about the Group’s performance in 2021. Browse the Online Report to see how with its clear commitment to deleveraging, URW is well-positioned to benefit further as market conditions continue to improve.

Our stories, Better Places 2030

Exclusive content is available on the site with stories from our various regions, recounting how the past year challenged us to think differently, work differently and ultimately even further embrace our purpose to Reinvent Being Together. Visitors will also find information on our ambitious ESG agenda, Better Places 2030, which addresses the most strategic and impactful sustainability matters.

The full 2021 Universal Registration Document is available to readers as well.

We are delighted to share the highlights of the previous year with you! Visit today for a comprehensive snapshot of our successes and how we intend to continue improving moving forward.